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Ultimate Guide to Netflix Troubleshooting - How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 and More Error Codes

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.07.22 Updated: 2022.07.22

Netflix is definitely an excellent option for enjoying one of the most unique experiences in terms of the best content and functionality. However, like any other streaming service, it is bound to throw errors, and in today's post, we will check out a few of the Netflix error codes and find how to fix them.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5

The Netflix error code NW-2-5 is one of the most common error codes that you would encounter on Netflix. It is ideally caused by the network connectivity issues. The error can come up if you are not connected to the internet or something is stopping Netflix from connecting to its servers.

Ultimate Guide to Netflix Troubleshooting - How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 and More Error Codes

It can be fixed by a slew of fixes, some of which would include

  • Click on Try Again on the error screen and see if it resolves the error.
  • Check if your internet connection has proper speeds for the streaming purposes. You may need to upgrade to a higher plan if your current plan does not offer the right speeds.
  • Restart your device and check if the error is fixed. Restarting the streaming device or the router solves the issue in several cases

How to fix Netflix error code UI-800-3

The Netflix error code UI-800-3 usually comes up when your Netflix service has errors in terms of its data. Refreshing the data on your device can prove to be a simple option to fix the error right away.

Ultimate Guide to Netflix Troubleshooting - How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 and More Error Codes

Some of the fixes that can help you resolve the Netflix error code UI-800-3 can include

  • Restart your streaming device
  • Sign out of your Netflix service and sign back in
  • Clear the cache and data for the Netflix app
  • Delete and reinstall your Netflix app

How to fix Netflix error code NW-3-6

Just like Netflix error code NW- 2-5, the Netflix error code NW-3-6 refers to the network error or the issues with your internet connectivity. You will likely get the error code on a games console, smart TV, or Blu-ray player.

The fixes that can work effectively in such a scenario can include

  • Restarting your device, which should reset your network connectivity
  • Getting closer to your WiFi source can also be a good fix.
  • You can check if your internet service has enough bandwidth to support streaming.
  • You may also check if using a wired connection can solve the problem

How to fix Netflix error code: M7353-5101

The error code may also manifest itself as M7353 5101 4 and M7353 5101 3. It can be caused due to several factors that may include the cookies or cache, web browser extensions, or even due to an issue with your browser.

Ultimate Guide to Netflix Troubleshooting - How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 and More Error Codes

To fix it, you apply any of the below mentioned fixes and check if it resolves the error for you –

  • Turn off the browser extensions. You can turn on the extensions one by one and find which extensions are likely to cause the error.
  • Clear the browser cache
  • Turn off antivirus and check if it is an issue
  • Update Chrome’s Widevine Content Decryption Module

How to fix Netflix error code: s7363-1260-00002e3f

This error code typically affects a Mac device. The issues can stem from an error on ChromeOS that renders some titles unplayable. It needs the certain info saved on your browser to be refreshed.

You can apply the fixes mentioned below to address it –

  • Restart your computer. This can refresh the data on your browser at times
  • Check using Netflix on a different browser
  • Force close all the other media players such as YouTube, iTunes, and QuickTime.
  • Delete Netflix web data and then restart the browser

How to fix Netflix error code: m7053-1803

The Netflix error code m7053-1803 can occur on Chromium based browsers such as Google Chrome, Vivaldi, or Opera. It can occur due to corrupted cache data, bad cookies, and inconsistent browser settings.

You can apply the following fixes to address the issues –

  • Reboot your computer or streaming device
  • Clear the browsing data on your browser
  • Delete the indexed database on your browser
  • Reset your Chrome settings.

How to fix Netflix error code: m7361-1253

The Netflix error code: m7361-1253 indicates that there is an error with your network connection. Your streaming device is somehow not able to connect to the Netflix servers. The best option for this connection would be to check your internet connection.

Some of the fixes that should address the issue and resolve the issue in your case can be

  • Restart your app or operating system
  • Disable or enable hardware acceleration
  • Check the service on another browser

How to fix Netflix error code NW-2-4

The Netflix error code NW-2-4 is one of the common errors that you would come across due to network connectivity. In fact, almost all the errors that come with the prefix NW are related to the connectivity issues on Netflix. The Netflix servers cannot be connected, and that causes the issues with your streaming service.

A few fixes that can be handy in this context would include

  • Ensure that you are using a network that allows streaming. Some networks tend to throttle streaming and can create issues
  • Check the internet speeds. You need to be at least on a 3 Mbps plan to stream in the minimum quality
  • Restart Netflix as this can resolve most of the issues
  • Restart your streaming device

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How to fix Netflix error code UI3012

The Netflix error code UI3012 is once again a network connection error, and it can affect you when the Netflix servers cannot be connected to. It can be due to several reasons that include poor signal strength, interference, incorrect settings, or even a bad cable.

A few of the fixes that you would find quite unique can include

  • Refresh the page that you are trying to access
  • Turn off the VPN service if you are using one
  • Check if the Netflix servers themselves are down
  • Try connecting to another browser

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How to fix Netflix error code: UI3010

The Netflix error code UI3010 can most probably be due to the use of outdated browser extensions. This can also be due to the ISP restrictions. This can also be a result of the other network issues.

Some of the fixes that you would find impressive in addressing it can include

  • Update the outdated extensions or remove them.
  • Turn off Do Not Track settings on the browser
  • Clear the browser cache
  • Uninstall and reinstall the browser

How to fix Netflix error code NW-6-503

The Netflix error code NW-6-503 is primarily an issue you would face when your streaming service fails to connect to the internet or the Netflix servers. It can be due to the issues at your end or even at the Netflix end.

Some fixes that can be handy in this context can include

  • Check if Netflix servers are down. You simply need to wait out until the issue is resolved from their end
  • Switch to another device
  • Relaunch Netflix app
  • Update your Netflix app

Can you watch the Netflix shows until you fix the Netflix error codes?

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The Concluding Thoughts

Netflix is definitely a worthy choice when it comes to enjoying a full-fledged streaming experience. The varied content available on the streaming service would indeed make it a truly formidable option. However, if you are facing any issues with the Netflix service and want to fix the errors, the info shared above should prove to be quite effective in this connection.

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