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Published: 2022.12.23 Updated: 2022.12.23

When it comes to Japanese internet users, claims to be the most visited and widely used pornographic website. There is a wide variety of sex content available, from extreme to Hentai to amateur and beyond. Tens of thousands of Asian pornographic videos may be purchased for very little money online.

In this post, we'll discuss, the latest news of R18, and the most popular downloaders of Let's get this started...

What is

The pornographic videos available on the popular Japanese adult entertainment website are sure to please the tastes of any viewer. With a focus on virtual reality (VR) entertainment, this website generates new examples of Japanese erotica for western audiences. In all of Japan's pornographic online communities, you won't find this option. Because the most majority of these films were either produced or aired in Japan, the official r18 platform is the only place you can watch them online.

If you like to watch pornographic stuff often but get bored easily, is the best place to find new videos to watch. If you want to spend an indefinite amount of time in your recliner, this website contains a wide selection of Japanese erotica.

Top Downloader Review

Content currently has more than 300,000 distinct titles in its content library. You may discover just about whatever you're looking for on this website, as it receives daily updates from over 17 different channels.

Playgirl, the largest network contributing content, has more than 40,000 videos available to stream. Professional sex videos, made-in-the-loft-fantasies, and amateur fancies are all represented here.

Although it's a smaller genre, Hentai is home to some of the most visually appealing films. Many of these were produced in Japan and distributed by Japanese companies.

The Closure of R18 is a veteran of the adult film market, having been active for 9 years, but the proliferation of illicit adult sites has made it difficult to sustain a lucrative business strategy. This is why on October 24, 2022, will no longer sell any adult content, and on January 31, 2023, the site will be completely shut down.

All content purchased on will be erased from the site and cannot be transferred to another service after January 31, 2023. Users who have been with for a while will find this information startling. Don't worry, though; we'll show you how to see all the R18 porn you've already paid for before the site goes offline for good.

Top Downloader Review

Please note that the refund form can still be used if you have unused purchased points from www r18 com and would need a return.

Best Downloaders

As mentioned before, is going to be shut down. Thus, it is urgent to download those videos you love the most before the closure of the website. Below are the best three downloaders.

MyConverters Downloader

Using the site's built-in download function, you may quickly and conveniently acquire videos from However, you'll need to grab the downloadable software from the site before you can get this to function. Moreover, the most flexible options are reserved for the top-tier members.

Use an external downloader to save all of those steamy pornographic videos to your computer, and watch them whenever and wherever you like.

In light of the fact that MyConverters caters to your every need, including those for downloading pornographic content, we heartily endorse it. Downloader
Keep Your Favorite Vieos Offline with MyConverters.
  • Download Vieos from multiple regions and countries
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Keepvid Downloader

Most of the time, videos from will be converted to MP4 video files by the keepvid video downloader. After the download is finished, you won't have any problems watching the movies on any mobile device.

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BBFly Downloader

High-definition video significantly improves the viewing experience. Any on-demand video that can be found on can be downloaded in high resolution using the BBFly Downloader. The video can be played in both HD 720p and Full HD 1080p versions.

BBFly offers you the choice to choose the audio file type you want to listen to from among EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, and AAC 2.0 in order to make your video-watching experience more pleasurable.

Top Downloader Review

An really slow download must be very annoying in terms of downloading speed. The good news is that BBFly Downloader allows you to download movies in groups rather than one at a time, greatly increasing download efficiency.

Have you ever downloaded a movie from just to discover that as you watch it, obnoxious commercials are playing? The BBFly Downloader might be able to assist you in determining how to resolve this problem. You won't be troubled by the adverts when you use BBFly to download because they will be taken out right away.

Our state-of-the-art technology makes it easier than ever to download streaming movies from BBFly, which will save you time and effort. You should therefore try BBFly without a doubt.


You will have access to details on, including how to view videos offline, whether or not accessing is free, and the top three downloaders that allow you to download videos without advertisements.

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Q: How long can I watch the movies I purchased?

As on January 31, 2023 (JST) / January 31, 2023 at 14:59PM, A: You will no longer be able to watch the movies you have purchased (UTC).

Q: What happens to the purchased movies?

As of January 31, 2023 (JST) / January 31st, 2023 at 14:59PM, you will no longer be able to enjoy any of the movies you have purchased, including any that you have downloaded (UTC).

Please be aware that R18 does not provide refunds or exchanges for movies that have already been purchased.

Q: What happens to my account and personal information?

The fate of your account and the data contained within it is a major concern.

Since the login information for your account is the same as that for other sites, your account will remain intact even when shuts down.

Get rid of your account for good by following the instructions at the link.

Q: What happens to the leftover points?

R18 would accept the points refund if the original purchase was made on

Please be aware that points received as a free bonus or purchased from a source other than the website are not transferable and cannot be reimbursed.

Q: How can I get the points refund?

First, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Just log into your PayPal account with your email address.
  2. Indicating how many refundable points are still available. The form will do so automatically.

Second, submit your request for a return of your points.

Third, you should expect an email from PayPal within two weeks.

Please note that if you do not already have a PayPal account linked to the address you provided, you will receive a link through email to sign up for one.