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Rawkuma closed down? Investigate Virus Dangers, Successor Services & Alternatives!

author-avatar Yu Suzuki | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.12.12 Updated: 2022.12.12

Many manga are illegally uploaded to Rawkuma.

Unlike other illegal sites, it uses an overseas server and is known for its malicious advertisements. Therefore, it is one of the most dangerous illegal sites among the illegal sites.

Can I get caught just by looking at them?

I hear rumors about viruses infecting the site, but is it true?

In this issue, we will introduce you to the current status of similar sites to see if live bears are still in operation!

The table below is a list of recommended e-book services. If there is a service you are interested in, please check it out.

You can also read manga for free with manga apps, although the number of works is a little smaller. We have compiled a list of recommended manga apps.

1 digit

Manga UP
All Square Enix works distributed are basically free!

2 digits

Zero Komi
2,200 titles are all free

3 digits

Manga One
first DL life get for 50 episodes

4 digits

Manga BANG!
The most stories you can read for free in a day!

5 digits

Manga Mee
's popular masterpiece shoujo manga

What is Rawkuma?

Rawkuma is an illegal manga site where you can read pirated manga for free. It is a little different from other well-known illegal sites such as Manga Village and Manga Raw, and is considered to be one of the most dangerous of all illegal sites.

Here is a detailed explanation of the dangers of Seikuma.

Feature 1: Servers are located overseas

Rawkuma's servers are located overseas. Therefore, there is a possibility that problems such as "my credit card was used fraudulently" or "I was infected with a virus when I clicked on an advertisement" cannot be resolved.

In addition, since it is an overseas site, the Japanese police may not be able to intervene. Coupled with the fact that the site is illegal, it is impossible to solve the problem.

Feature 2: Difficult to use due to English notation

Rawkuma distributes a wide range of popular works, from Jump titles and magazine works to comic book editions of light novels.

Since Rawkuma is an overseas site, everything on the site is written in English.

The entire site is in English. Although the manga are in Japanese, it seems difficult to use the site if you do not understand English when searching within the site.

Feature 3: Many malicious advertisements

Rafkuma has a large number of malicious advertisements pasted on the site. It has a bad reputation among users. In addition, because it is an illegal site, there is a risk of infection by viruses or leakage of personal information when clicking on the advertisements. Furthermore, some advertisements are aimed at phishing scams or attempting to exploit the site for mining, so never use the site.

As for the closure status of "Rawkuma," it is still in operation as of December 2022. Like other illegal sites, it has been closed and restored many times, and is still in operation. In addition, the latest movies continue to be uploaded and used by many users.

However, as mentioned above, there are various risks involved in using "Rawkuma. If you are victimized, it may be difficult to solve the problem, you may be infected with a virus, or your personal information may be stolen, so please do not use this service at all.

Two Dangers Lurking in Rawkuma

After investigating the dangers of rawkuma, we have concluded that rawkuma should not be used. The two reasons are as follows.

Why we do not recommend Rawkuma

  1. It is illegal and its use may violate the law
  2. There is a risk of infection with viruses.

The first point is that Rawkuma is still illegal. "It's the operator who gets caught, right? The second point is that there is a possibility of getting infected with a virus or being involved in a scam. In fact, there have been cases of phishing advertisements and one-click scams using "Rawkuma.

There is also a possibility that your smartphone or computer may become unusable due to a virus, or that you may cause great inconvenience to your friends or colleagues due to a virus infection.

To avoid such damage, let's take a look at the dangers of "Rawkuma.

Danger 1: Illegality of Rawkuma Can you get caught?

The first danger of Rawkuma is that users may also be in trouble with the law .

Many people know that the operator of Manga Village was arrested in 2019. Thus, there have been laws against pirate site operators for some time. Users, on the other hand, were not charged with any crime.

However, in January 2021, the Copyright Law was revised.

It is now illegal to download illegally uploaded works. Surprisingly, many people may not be aware of this. It is subject to criminal penalties of up to two years in prison or a fine of up to 2 million yen, or both.

Although some people may interpret this as "if you just use it, you won't be arrested," it may be illegal to download an image while tapping it to preview it, such as to view a large cartoon, and then attempting to open the image.

In all likelihood, the use of "raw Kuma" is risky and not recommended.

Risk 2: Rawkuma is highly susceptible to viruses.

The second reason why we do not recommend Rawkuma is the risk of viruses and fraud. Casual use of Rawkuma can lead to big problems later. The following two types of damage are often mentioned by word of mouth.

Potential damage that may occur when using Rawkuma

A. Getting infected with a virus

B. Getting involved in phishing scams

In order to avoid becoming a victim of a virus, it is important to know in advance what kind of trouble you can get into. Each case is described in detail below.

Case A. Infected with a virus

You may be infected with a virus by clicking on or downloading advertisements that appear on Rawkuma. The generic term for such malicious viruses is "malware," and in this age of widespread Internet use, there have been various cases of damage. For example, by clicking on an advertisement containing this malware

What can happen with malware

  • Leakage of personal information
  • A pop-up window with contents such as "You are infected with a virus" will appear, and if you click on it, malicious data or applications will be downloaded without your permission.
  • You will be directed to a fake website to get rid of the virus and be charged for the service.
  • Data stored on your smartphone or computer is altered
  • Devices are locked without permission and cannot be operated even by the owner
  • Virtual currency is used for mining (transaction approval) without permission

The owner of the device may suffer damage such as the following. I'll only use it once..." The reality is that many people continue to use the system as it is, thinking, "I'll only use it once... " Virus damage targeting such users is spreading.

Case B: Involved in a phishing scam

There have also been reports of phishing scams.

A phishing scam is a type of fraud in which a pop-up message suddenly appears saying, "Your terminal is infected with a virus.

Your terminal is infected with a virus. Please press the URL immediately." This prompts the user to enter personal information when using the site. About.

As a result, your account number may be known and money may be taken or an expensive bill may be sent to your home.

Even if a suspicious pop-up suddenly appears, it

is important not to click on the URL you were implicitly led to. Do not panic and respond calmly.

Illegal sites may lead to the decline of the comics industry

If you love comics more than anything else, do not use illegal comic sites like Ikoma.

Because even if your pirated manga is read, all the proceeds from it will belong to the operators of the pirate sites, to the bookstores and publishers who should be giving back, and to the manga artists who create attractive works. Because they do not receive a single yen.

If legitimate profits continue to not go to the creators, it is clear that more and more artists will leave the industry, young talent will not be nurtured, and the manga industry will decline.

Damage caused by the pirate site "Manga Mura," which has been exposed in the past, amounted to 300 billion yen.

The amount of damage caused by the pirate site "Manga-mura," which was exposed in the past, amounted to 300 billion yen, and many illegal manga sites have since been created as a second Manga-mura. In addition, the COVID 19 disaster has led to an increase in the number of users reading manga at home, and there is no end to the establishment and use of such sites.

Again, please do not use illegal manga sites.

To protect the content and creators, and by extension, the entertainment you enjoy.

Closure status of sites similar to Rawkuma

Comic BANK


Comic bay (combay)


Comic Play


Comic raw


Manga "Rice


Lock manga1001


Romi of the Stars


Ranking of recommended free manga sites to use instead of Rawkuma

No.1: Comic Seymour

When in doubt, this is the one! The best balance of product lineup, value, and features!


  • Many works can be read for free
  • Reliable name value
  • You can choose between individual purchase and unlimited reading

Points to note

  • Few business books

As an alternative to Rawkuma, we recommend Comic Seymour.

Comic Seymour is operated by NTT Solmare Corporation, a subsidiary of NTT. Its feature is the wide variety of genres it handles!

There are three ways to read manga: (1) single purchase, (2) rental, and (3) unlimited reading plan! The all-you-can-read plan in particular is known for its wide selection of works for women.

This is a well-established e-book site that has been in business for more than 15 years, so it has a high level of trust. It is a great point to be able to register with peace of mind.

Over 140,000 Comics!

Information as of October 26.

Comic Seymour also has a lineup of over 140,000 comics! Compared to other e-book services, this is quite abundant. The product lineup is well-balanced across all genres. More than 18,000 of them can be read completely free of charge, which is a great advantage for manga fans. The site itself is easy to view and operate.

There are two types of unlimited reading plans

Comic Seymour offers two types of unlimited reading plans depending on the number of works available for unlimited reading.

Comic Seymour Monthly Plan

  • Full unlimited reading: 1,480 yen/month (tax included) Over 91,000 titles can be read as much as you want.
  • Light unlimited reading: 780 yen/month (tax included) Over 35,000 books available for unlimited reading

Limited to manga, more than 29,000 books are available for full unlimited reading and more than 10,000 books are available for unlimited reading. You can choose a plan according to your favorite genre and price. Now, the first registration is free for 7 days! It's a good idea to try out how it feels to use it.

Strong in female-oriented genres

One of the major attractions of Comic Seymour is that it has a rich lineup of female-oriented genres such as BL works as well as shoujo manga and TL works. There are digital-only works and special features of works recommended from Comic Seymour's unique point of view, and you can also choose BL-specific genres such as "poor," "father," and "younger aggressor," so you can encounter new BL genres ... Maybe? Maybe ......?

Comic Seymour First Offer

50% OFF coupon (up to 1 book)

By registering for the monthly menu, you can get your points back at a later date when you register!

Comic Seymour is characterized by many limited time discounts such as coupons and sales! The above offers are only available to new members who register.

There are many campaigns such as the following

The latest comics are available for free from the first to the third volume, and sales of popular titles are regularly held, so you can enjoy various comics at a discount compared to other e-books.

No. 2: DMM Books

Features a wide range of genres and big sales!


  • Super Sale 3 times a year
  • High point redemption rate
  • Wide variety of genres including doujinshi

Points to note

  • You cannot purchase works on the app version.

Next, I recommend "DMM Books" as an alternative to Rokuma.

This is an e-book site operated by, a joint venture famous for the online game "Sword Dance," which is very popular among women.

The e-books are rich in manga, and there are also a variety of other genres, so this service is perfect for those who mainly read manga and occasionally want to read books in other genres.

Over 140,000 Comics!

The number of comics handled is over 140,000, which is one of the highest in the industry. Of these, 16,000 are free titles, so you can enjoy them even if they are free.

Free comics are updated regularly, so you can read a wide variety of comics. Because they are free, you can easily read genres you have never read before.

Industry-leading point redemption rate

Since DMM Books gives points even if you pay with points, it is easier to accumulate points than other services . Even books purchased with full points surprisingly earn all points. As mentioned above, sales are frequently held to increase the redemption rate, so the point redemption rate is said to be one of the highest in the industry .

Super Sale three times a year

Three times a year, during GW, summer, and winter, DMM Books holds a site-wide large-scale sale called "DMM Books Super Sale (Point Redemption Sale).

During the Super Sale, not only are all products in DMM Books eligible for 50-70% point reduction, but purchase points are also given immediately.

Redemption points will also be given to products purchased with those points... and you can buy books at a discount, so book lovers should check it out.

No. 3: Manga Kingdom

No.1 e-book service


  • Up to 50% points reward is a great deal!
  • Lots of campaigns you can participate in every day

Points to note

  • Few minor works

The third free manga site recommended as an alternative to Rokuma is Manga Oukoku . This is a major and well-established comic site operated by Berry, Inc. It has a large number of manga titles distributed, and its lineup ranges from the latest works to classic titles, making it a recommended e-book service for people of all ages. The points required for purchasing manga are returned 20-30% whether you buy or use them, so you get a lot of value for your money!

Over 100,000 Comics!

Manga Kingdom offers more than 100,000 comic books. More than 3,000 of them can be read completely free of charge. The "girls' and women's manga" genre is particularly strong, and you can read almost all of the hottest titles available today. Another major feature of the site is its manga search function, which is full of originality. The genres are also divided into "gag/comedy," "gourmet," "horror," etc., so you can enjoy the perfect manga to suit your mood.

"Teinei Trial Read" function

One of the most attractive features of Manga Kingdom is the "Teinei Trial Read" function, which allows you to try reading an entire manga for free. It is great that not only old works, but also the latest manga and popular manga that have been dramatized or animated are included in the free works. Some works can be read for free for more than 10 volumes, so it is a great way to pass the time.

Extensive reviews of works

Manga Kingdom has an abundance of reviews of works by users who have finished reading them, and "Minna no Manga Report," a compilation of these reviews, is well worth reading. Reviews are rated with 5 stars, and you can write your honest opinion of the work, so you can enjoy it with other people who are reading the same manga .

Users can also select "with spoilers" or "without spoilers," so users who have not yet read the work can enjoy it with peace of mind.

No. 4: ebookjapan

An e-book service with attractive functionality that pursues ease of use


  • 6 50% off coupons as a first-time offer
  • Attractive spine display function
  • PayPay redemption is great!

Things to note

  • Few business books and magazines

The fourth recommended service to replace Rawkuma is ebookjapan. ebookjapan is a highly functional ebook service. It is valued for its simple and easy-to-use home screen and systematized search function. The "bookshelf" function, which allows users to arrange purchased titles by spine, is the only attractive feature. The service is also recommended for PayPay users, as it offers a daily campaign in which bonus points are redeemed when paying with PayPay. Note, however, that there are few business books and magazines.

No. 5 Ameba Manga

Enjoy domestic and international comics! One of the largest lineup in Japan


  • Coupons are quite reasonable!
  • Campaigns, such as seasonal events, are a must-see!

Things to note

  • App is a bit clunky


Ameba Manga is one of the largest manga sites in Japan, distributing over 400,000 manga titles.

The coupons are also full of great deals, and in the past, a "half-price coupon for 100 books" was distributed. In addition, monthly plans allow users to receive more coins when purchasing manga.

In addition, you can get bonuses when you charge coins instead of a monthly plan, and even more bonuses when you run a campaign!

No. 6 U-NEXT

All the anime and magazines you can watch! Comprehensive entertainment service


  • Enjoy unlimited anime and magazines!
  • Get 600 yen worth of points for the first registration.

Points to note

  • You will be charged even for unused months.

Features of U-NEXT

U-NEXT allows you to read one free book depending on the work by using the points granted at the time of initial registration.

U-NEXT is an e-book service that allows you to enjoy not only manga, but also anime and magazines. In addition to purchasing manga, you can also enjoy entertainment with unlimited video and unlimited magazine reading plans. As an all-in-one entertainment service, you should be able to enjoy U-NEXT all day long.

The first month after initial registration is a trial period, during which you can watch as many video titles as you want for free and also receive 600 yen worth of points that can be used to purchase e-books.

However, you will be charged monthly, even if you do not use the service, and please note that not all e-books are available for unlimited reading.

No. 7 bookwalker

Bookwalker is a manga site operated by KADOKAWA.

It offers not only manga, but also novels, business books, and coterie magazine. bookwalker's greatest feature is its wide variety of genres!


bookwalker has a service called "10-minute full strength reading," which allows you to try reading any work for 10 minutes. If you can read fast, you may be able to read an entire book for free.

Another attractive feature of the service is the extensive range of purchase benefits. You can get exclusive goods and items that you can use at Bookwalker.

Recommended ranking of manga apps that can be used in place of Rahkuma

No. 1: Manga UP


  • You can read the masterpieces and latest works of Square Enix.
  • There is a full-volume reading corner


  • There is a difference in the amount of manga you can read depending on the work.
  • There is a 24-hour viewing limit even if you pay for the service.

Manga UP!" is an official manga application distributed by Square Enix. You can read all works of Square Enix's manga magazine "Monthly Shonen Gangan" and other magazines for free. The app also includes many original works, so it is recommended for those who like Square Enix's works.

Manga UP! Number of free stories you can read per day

  • Charge points for 8 episodes per day
  • About 1 episode point charge per day for watching ads

Manga UP grants "Manga Points" for 4 episodes every day at 8:00 and 20:00. By using those points, you can read 8 episodes per day. In addition, by viewing an advertisement once a day, 30 points (for about one episode) will be added. The greatest feature of Manga UP is that you can basically read all the stories for free if you take the time to do so! With regular manga apps, you have to pay to read most of the stories, and some of them are free, but with Manga UP, you can read all the stories for free.

Also, after the first download, you will be given points for 25 episodes, so you can read them all at once. After the first download, you will receive points for 25 episodes, so you can read them all at once.

You can read the masterpieces and latest works of Square Enix.

Manga UP! is a service operated by Square Enix, so you can read works that are currently being serialized in all the magazine labels provided by Square Enix. This service is attractive to those who like Square Enix's works because it includes not only serialized works but also masterpieces from the past.

The recent hot topic of otherworldly reincarnation is also often dealt with, so be sure to check it out.

Read all volumes at once at the All Volume Reading Corner!

The Manga UP reading corner for all volumes is also very popular. The All Volume Summary Reading Corner is divided into two sections. It is divided into "limited time only," where the first to last episodes are available for a limited time, and "serialized works," where you can read the first to last episodes at any time. Of course, the attraction of both is that you can read them all at once, so if you find a work you like, go ahead and read it.

No. 2: Zero Comic (formerly Manga Zero)


  • Almost all works have trial readings
  • Many nostalgic seinen manga from the 30s


  • There are a lot of advertisements per episode.
  • Some titles are limited to paid works after the midpoint of the story.

Specialty Genres

  • Coming-of-age / Narokei manga

Zero Comic is a manga app run by Nagisa, Inc. and is a popular app with over 7 million downloads.

The service used to be called "Manga Zero" and specialized in youth manga, but was renewed in 2018 and now offers both boys' and girls' manga.

Although it offers all genres, it continues to

has a strength in seinen manga, and also carries many of Comic Ride's nerdy comics.

Number of free episodes per day available on Comic Zero

  • 1-3 words per work
  • Ticket price for 8 episodes per day
  • Earn tickets for 5 episodes by watching ads

Zero Comic offers 1-3 free episodes of many works. In addition, at 8:00 and 20:00 daily, you will receive 4 free tickets per episode, giving you a total of 8 free episodes per day.

Note, however, that you are limited to 4 tickets, so in order to read 8 episodes each day, you must use up all of your tickets before the next billing time. You can also get an additional 5 episode tickets by watching an ad. If you use these as well, you can read up to 13 episodes per day for free.

Thirtysomethings are especially nostalgic! You can read many classic comics.

Zero Comics has a particularly good selection of seinen comics targeting adults in their 30s and older, and you can find many nostalgic works.

Starting with "The Quiet Don"

Dragon Cherry Blossom," "The Emperor of Minami," and other masterpieces not available on other services are also available, satisfying those who use the service in conjunction with other apps. This app is especially recommended for deep manga lovers of adults.

No. 3: Manga One


  • Get 50 episodes of life with the first DL
  • You can read popular works from Shogakukan
  • The richness of the lineup is top class

Points to note

  • You can never get a whole volume for free.
  • Manga may have a release date

MangaOne is a popular free manga app run by Shogakukan. It has been downloaded more than 20 million times.

There are many free titles that are only available for a limited time.

If you like Shogakukan's manga, this is the app you want to include.

Number of free episodes per day that can be read on Manga One

  • Point charge for 8 episodes per day

You can read up to 8 episodes per day on MangaOne by using 4 recovery times at 9:00 and 21:00 every day.

This life cannot be carried over to the next recovery time, so be sure to use up 4 times each by 9:00 and 21:00.

In addition

will grant you up to 50 free episodes when you register for the first time, so if there is a work you are interested in, we recommend that you use this life to read it.

Focus on original works

MangaOne also focuses on original works, and in the past, the popular original manga "Mob Psycho 100" was adapted into an anime.

In this article, we introduced the current status and dangers of "Rawkuma"; since Rawkuma's servers are located overseas, it may be difficult to resolve any problems that may occur. There is also the risk of virus infection and leakage of personal information.

For your own protection as well as to prevent the decline of the manga industry, do not use illegal sites such as Rawkuma.

Rawkuma is an illegal, virus-infected, and dangerous site! Enjoy manga safely on alternative sites!

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In this article, we introduced the current status and dangers of Rawkuma.

Since Rawkuma's servers are located overseas, it may be difficult to resolve any problems that may occur. Furthermore, there is a risk of infection by viruses and leakage of personal information; safe manga sites such as the dl site are recommended.

For your own protection and to prevent the decline of the manga industry, do not use illegal sites like Rawkuma.