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Pazu Video Downloader Review and Its Best Alternative

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.04.06 Updated: 2023.04.06

Netflix and a big bucket of popcorn are all you want to chill and relax. No wonder, Netflix has all the varieties of entertaining stuff to keep you hooked for hours. A Netflix subscriber can even download videos to watch later but here the catch is, you cannot save and export them out of the Netflix App.

If you really wish to download and save Netflix on your Windows or Mac PC to watch offline forever, I have a key to that. It's a Pazu Netflix video downloader. Using this downloader, you can also share your favorite videos, movies, and web series, with your friends and family out of the Netflix App.

Pazu Video Downloader Review and Its Best Alternative

What is Pazu Netflix video downloader?

There is no doubt that Netflix is unbeatable for its usability as compared to other streaming platforms but still, you can download videos to your device only and that too you can watch them for a limited period in its integrated video player only.

Pazu is the legal and desirable solution to this problem. Pazu video downloader is mainly designed for OTT viewers who don't even want to miss a single web series or movie to watch from Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+ Hotstar. These binge-watchers are now facilitated to download all their favorite shows right on their PC to watch anytime later, even without the OTT premium access. In my opinion, this one is the best option I find to watch Netflix on desktop devices.

Sounds interesting, right? Here are some exciting features of Pazu Amazon Prime video downloader.

Features of Pazu Video Downloader

Be it Netflix, Amazon, or Disney+ Hotstar, Pazu works for all. It has got you covered with all the must-have features that you can imagine in such a type of application. What I like the most about Pazu is its ability to save video audio and subtitles in multiple languages. Plus when I use the app, I always found the interface very intuitive which saves a lot of time and effort for me, unlike other similar alternatives. To help you in making the right choice, I am here to explain all the features as I personally experienced downloading using Pazu video cutter.

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High Download Speed And Intuitive Interface

I don't like, in fact, no one does, Apps that kill so much time in just finding and locating the right options. Thankfully, the Pazu Disney+ video downloader is not one of them. This app is not at all cluttered with options. You will conveniently find what you are looking to download and in which format. All your downloads and activities can be monitored under the 'History' tab. Its easy-to-navigate interface makes it the best option to kick-start downloading for those who are saving it for the first time.

To search videos, you don't need to install another third-party application because this application has its in-built integrated browser. To make it even more convenient, there are multiple search filters available, so you can search and locate your videos by name, length, episode number, and more parameters.

Super Fast High Speed Downloading

I would also like to special mention the high-speed and streamlined downloading process. I remember the last web series episode, which was around 800 MB, I downloaded something in just 90 seconds. It was impressive, as I was not expecting it. You can watch downloaded videos on any device be it Windows, Mac, Android, or even on your TV set.

Downloading Multiple Videos At A Time

Aww! That I was looking for. You know it is such a tedious and time-consuming job to wait for one download to complete so that you can start next. Pazu Netflix video downloader figured this out and fixed it with flying colors. Now with Pazu video cutter, you can line up multiple videos to download and this trait makes it one of the most distinguished video downloaders available as of date.

Save And Watch Later Before It Disappears

Netflix has tons of world-class content available for its viewers but sometimes less popular or underrated contents become unavailable. Moreover, some countries are geo-restricted by Netflix. All these issues are now sorted by Pazu because it drops content right on your device which means it is available to watch anytime anywhere unless you delete it.

Save in Your Preferable Download Format

Many other similar applications claimed to download Netflix files right on your devices but failed. This is because the video format is unsupportable. Pazu resolves this problem too. Netflix video files are now downloadable in Mp4 and MKV formats which are supported by most of the devices we use every day. 

Save Video With Subtitles in Different Languages And Multilingual Audio

I would say this is the Key Feature of this application. Before you confirm the download, Pazu Disney+ video downloader offers you to choose either the original sound in the video or you can download the same in your native local language along with subtitles. Netflix's original application is limited to 6 to 7 languages only but Pazu bypasses this limitation and gives you the best watching experience in any language of your choice.

Choose Your Preferred Video Quality

For enjoying an immersive watching experience, your movie or web series video must be in HD quality. Pazu allows you to save videos in 1080p for your HD screens. Usually when we stream high-quality HD videos online, the chances of delays and buffering increase. This gives you a bad watching experience. With Pazu, this will no longer bother you because you can download your videos in your preferred video quality.

Cons of Pazu Netflix Video Downloader

  • It does not support 4K videos.
  • While downloading multiple videos in a single shot, downloading speed may go slow.

Oops! I missed a very important point that I haven't talked about so far in this review article and that's Pricing.

Pricing of Pazu Video Cutter

Pazu is not Free but it is more affordable as compared to other alternatives. You can start with its 1-month plan which is available now at $16.96. For yearly subscribers, the pricing is 59.95 per year while if you feel you can never give up watching OTT entertainment, you may go with the lifetime plan at just Rs $129.90.

Best Alternatives of Pazu Netflix Video Downloader

No doubt, Pazu is a good option that you won't regret anytime to pay for. It makes your entertainment easily accessible and on budget. However, if you would like to know some competitive alternatives to Pazu, Here I have picked some really good ones.


MyConeverters is the best alternative to Pazu downloader, and in fact, it is better than this in many ways. MyConverters can download movies and shows from almost all the OTTs including Netflix, HBO, HULU and Prime Video. Batch downloading, quick downloading, and subtitles downloading are added advantage of this downloader.

MyConverters Netflix Downloader
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  • Download Netflix Movies, TVs and Shows from multiple regions and countries
  • Download Videos in High Quality up to 1080p to view offline
  • ADs-Free with Netflix Downloader
  • Save Subtitles as External SRT Files
  • Free trial for 30 Days
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This one is quite popular among OTT viewers. It is mainly preferred by folks for its organized library of videos. What I like most about Y2Mate is the feature of automatic downloading of new episodes when released on your favorite channel. This however sometimes cluttered your storage space but you can sort it whenever you get time. Rest all the features like multilingual audio, subtitles, and batch downloading are also facilitated by Y2Mate.


TunePat is a good competition for Pazu and an alternative for viewers. It has mirrored all the features that I have explained above about Pazu. You can download videos in HD quality and MKV or Mp4 formats. However, with unlimited downloads, it is compatible with only some Windows and Mac devices. As of now, it is compatible with Windows 11 and previous versions, Mac OS 10 to 13. Pricing is almost similar to Pazu.


Since its launch, I have been a binge-watcher of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. Pazu is a savior because it enables me to watch missed series and movies any time later in my pastime. OTT platforms do not allow saving videos on Mac, Pazu bypasses this successfully. So, I guess for Mac users, this one is best because it is a safe and trusted third-party platform.

The second thing that forced me to fall in love with Pazu is its unlimited content downloads, unlike the original OTT Apps. The third valid reason I can give you to Install Pazu is that you can share videos with anyone irrespective of the type of device or subscription. And store videos to watch even a year later or so. This is not possible in the original version. And most importantly, it is a secure and absolutely legal platform. It doesn't violate any policy of Netflix. Fourthly, from a pricing point of view also, it is quite affordable.