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NoteBurner Review: What is NoteBurner and How to Use It?

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2023.03.24 Updated: 2023.03.24

NoteBurmer is an amazing website/platform that has a collection of important software that records and downloads important music files and streams them in MP3. It has a downloader for most platforms including Spotify or Apple Music etc. The interface is easy to use and sleek; and the best part is you have guessed it you get to download it from streamers like Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music. Just for that, you got to check out its software collection. There are a lot of downloader converters available with the Noteburner platform. Let us both understand a bit more about these tools and How you can use them and download your favorite songs. Let us start:

NoteBurner Review: What is NoteBurner and How to Use It?

List of Noteburner Apps

Noteburner has a bunch of apps that have a specific price point. You can avail of them as per your affordability. Here’s a list compilation:

  • Spotify Music Converter
  • iTunes Audio Converter
  • Amazon Music Converter
  • Tidal Music Converter
  • YouTube Music Converter
  • Line Music Converter
  • Netflix Video Downloader
  • Amazon Video Downloader
  • Deezer Converter

All the converters also act as downloaders. All the apps allow conversion to formats like WAV, MP3, and AAC formats. It allows the recording and downloading of the files once the feature chosen by you gets processed. We will learn about each of these software tools in a detailed manner. I will give you a rough idea about the kind of features all these applications have.

NoteBurner Review: What is NoteBurner and How to Use It?

Noteburner Review

Noteburner is a fantastic platform/website that holds some of the best applications that assist you in downloading files from their platforms. It assists in listening to music and watching and downloading videos from platforms of Spotify, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Deezer, Line, Tidal, and Amazon Music among a few others. You can convert music to some of the most sought-after music converter formats and that includes MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC. You can choose any platform of your choice it's completely your call. There is a lot to grab at feasible and affordable prices.

Comparison of these Apps

In order to have more clarity on where each of these applications stands we need to compare them against each other. In order to assist the comparison. I have prepared a table that lists out key features of the product and also the prices that they come in.

App name

Price per Month


Spotify Music Converter for Windows


  • Helps convert tracks to the following formats.
  • Download Spotify music with 100% efficacy without any lossless quality.
  • ID3 info about the music included, this includes the poster of the song, it’s the artist and numerous people that worked on the track.
  • Download at 10x breakneck speed.
  • Instructions are available in 46 languages.
  • One-click function to burn Spotify music to the CD and then upload the file to One Drive.
  • Allows conversion formats resembling the following: MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC
  • Available in both Windows and MacOS.

iTunes Audio Converter for Windows


  • Same features as Spotify converter.
  • Convert and download all iTunes songs, including Podcasts, Apple Music songs, M4P songs, and podcasts.

Amazon Music Converter for Windows


  • Same features as Spotify Converter.
  • Comes with an inbuilt "Format Converter", "ID3 Tags Editor", and "Music Player".

Tidal Music Converter for Windows


  • Same features as Spotify Converter.
  • It has high fidelity, masterful conversion available for you to download.
  • It allows multiple downloads to run in batches.

YouTube Music Converter for Windows


  • Same features as Spotify Converter except that it only has 25 supportable languages.
  • You get to record download files in their true form.
  • You get to download Youtube Music Videos in 4K lossless quality.

Line Music Converter for Windows


  • Same features as Spotify Converter.
  • Conversion happens with the Line Media Player as well.

Deezer Music Converter for Windows


  • Same features as Spotify Converter
  • Download HiFi music from Deezer

Netflix Video Downloader for Windows


  • Download Videos from Netflix account.
  • You can avail of the downloads at HD quality.
  • Keep audio tracks intact.
  • Equipped with technical support and also ran software updates on the product with no extra costs.

Amazon Video Downloader


  • Mostly the same set of facilities that we see on Netflix for the most part.
  • Allows multi-tracks in different language downloading.
  • Choosing your SRT files.
  • Can import metadata.
  • Has both H264 and H265 codecs.
  • Keep subtitle files separate from that the audio.
  • Download videos in HD form with MP4 and MKV formats while exporting file to the drive.

NoteBurner Review: What is NoteBurner and How to Use It?

Is Noteburner Safe?

Noteburner is a safe app. However, you need to make sure the downloading source of this application is legitimate, the rest of the stuff is okay. You can head onto this link to download whichever application of Noteburner pleases you.

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How to Use Noteburner Apps?

Noteburner has a long list of applications hence to elaborate on each of these applications’ working processes will be hard. You can still visit this link where there is all of the info on how you can operate the software by yourself without much assistance.

Is Noteburner Legal to Use?

Noteburner is legal to use completely. Noteburner is not breaking any DRM laws which means it's not a problem. However, streamers and downloaders of these products urge users to keep the product to themselves and not use it for other commercial purposes. In case someone purports you, that case, you might be sent to jail.

Any Great Alternatives to NoteBurner?

NoteBurner has been a popular downloader for audio/video but at times when it doesn’t work for when you needed it badly then what?

That is why knowing backup software is very important. There are many such downloaders out there in market. But, MyConverters is the best.

MyConverters is not just an alternative but a better software program than Noteburner in many ways. You can download videos from any OTT platform using MyConverters in HD quality audio/video. You can also download subtitles if you need.

MyConverters Video Downloader
Keep Your Favorite Movies, TVs and Shows Offline with MyConverters.
  • Download Your Favorite Movies, TVs and Shows from multiple regions and countries
  • Download Videos in High Quality up to 1080p to view offline
  • ADs-Free with MyConverters Video Downloader
  • Save Subtitles as External SRT Files
  • Free trial for 30 Days
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1. Does NoteBurner work with the latest computer system version?

Noteburners have been updated and they are built in such a way that it enhances the capacities and can easily integrate with the newest versions of both these OS.

2. Is NoteBurner free?

Noteburner is not free for use. However, the makers of this wonderful app do offer a trial free for use. But it’s just a trial that will then be exhausted till the trial is active. From then on to continue you need to pay for the app which is $14.95/month.

3. What are the alternatives to NoteBurner?

There are many actually. You can try alternatives such as Requiem, Sildify, Apple Music Downloader, and converter.


NoteBurner is a great app. It helps you in downloading and converting your audio files from top streamers like Spotify and iTunes. Unlike popular belief, it also has video downloader apps. I have listed all the products from Noteburner that have been doing wonderful. I have listed all the info you need on these to get your own and see if it works for you.