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How to Pair Apple TV Remote

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.10.11 Updated: 2022.10.11

When you set up your new Apple TV for the time, the remote that comes with it should pair with it automatically. The pairing should happen instantly as soon as you press one of the buttons on the remote. The only chance that it will stop working is when it has no charge left, and you may need to charge it. However, what if that does not solve the problem? How to pair Apple TV remote to your Apple TV? Let us try finding the options on how to pair Apple TV remote.

Why pair the included Apple remote to Apple TV?

Well, a valid question. Most of the remotes that come with your devices begin working instantly with the device and do not require any sort of pairing. So, why do you need to solve how to pair Apple TV remote to Apple TV?

How to Pair Apple TV Remote

Your Apple TV needs to be paired with the remote that comes with it just to ensure that your TV is controlled only by one remote. If you have multiple IR-enabled Apple TV remotes in the room, you would definitely not want your Apple TV to respond to each of those remotes. That is exactly why you are expected to solve how to pair Apple TV remote with Apple TV.

How to pair Apple TV remote to Apple TV?

Follow the steps here below to solve how to pair Apple TV remote to Apple TV-

  • Make sure that your Apple TV is powered on
  • Point your remote at least three inches away from the set-top box.
  • Press and hold the Menu and Volume buttons on the remote simultaneously.
  • Let go off the buttons after around 5 seconds
  • You should find an alert on the TV screen to bring the remote closer
  • Place the remote on top of the Apple TV
  • You should find the notification alerting you that the Apple TV remote is connected.

If you do not see the remote connected screen on your TV, unplug your TV from the wall outlet. Wait for around 6 seconds and connect the TV to the power source again.

You can repeat the steps to pair the remote once again.

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What to do if your remote does not connect to Apple TV?

If you find that the Apple TV remote is not working, the best option would be to follow a few simple steps to get it back in a working status. You can check out the solutions to how to pair Apple TV remote once you apply the fixes here.

Here are a few of the best options that you can follow to fix the issue if your remote is not working.

Change the position of the remote – The Apple TV remote needs to be far away from the TV. But, you need to ensure that it is not too far away. Make sure that the remote is at least three inches away from the TV. Try a few positions to check if the orientation has any issues.

Check out the interference if any – Any sort of interference to the proper functioning of the remote can also be an issue. Since the remote works with the TV via Bluetooth connectivity, it is susceptible to wireless interference. If you have a lot of other wireless devices in the room, you would perhaps end up suffering issues with interference. This can render the Apple TV remote stop working.

Check the batteries – Plug the remote to the power source and charge it. Also, check if the batteries in the remote need any replacement. Try pairing the remote after changing the battery or charging it.

Reboot your TV– Unplug your Apple TV and connect it to a power source after 30 seconds. This should make your Apple TV to reboot. Wait for the reboot process to be complete, and then try pairing your Apple TV remote.

Ensure that the remote is compatible with your TV – Before you can try fixing why the Apple TV remote is not working, it is essential to check if the remote is compatible with your Apple TV. If you have the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, they will work with Siri Remote (first and second-generation), Apple TV Remote, and Apple Remote. If you have an older TV, you will find that it works only with the Apple Remote.

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Use your iPhone as Apple TV remote

Yet another excellent option would be to use your iPhone as an Apple TV remote. The steps should be quite easy and simple.

You can simply download and use the iTunes Remote app to connect your iPhone to your Apple TV.

Can you download your Apple TV shows for offline viewing?

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The Concluding Thoughts

Apple TV has been one of the strongest options for full-fledged entertainment. However, there are cases where you would find that the Apple TV remote that you are using is not able to pair properly and can create issues with the proper functionality of your Apple TV. The tips here should help you learn how to pair Apple TV remote and get it back into action. You would also find the tips to address the issues that you may come across when using the Apple TV remote should prove to be quite handy as well.

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