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How to Turn Off Apple TV

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.09.26 Updated: 2022.09.26

If you are using an Apple TV and have finished watching what you wanted to watch, you would want to turn it off. However, it is not possible to turn off an Apple TV like you would turn off any traditional TV. The Apple TV does not come with a power button and it does not power off that easily. Let us explore the best options to help you turn off Apple TV.

How to turn off Apple TV?

There are several ways that you can turn off Apple TV. The methods would largely be based on the model that you are on and several other factors.

Turn off Apple TV 4th Generation

The Apple TV 4th Generation comes with a Siri remote. You can follow the steps here below –

  • Press and hold button for five seconds.
  • You should get a Sleep Screen.
  • Choose the option Sleep Now

How to Turn Off Apple TV

This should be equivalent to turning off your Apple TV. Turning it ON again is as easy as pressing the Home button on the remote. In fact, the Apple TV does not restart with this step, but it simply wakes up to be usable again.

Turn off Apple TV 3rd Generation

The older models of Apple TVs come with a traditional remote. The steps involved in how to turn off Apple TV 3rd generation would include

  • Press and hold the Play/Pause button on your remote for five seconds
  • This will turn off Apple TV.

Turn off Apple TV from Settings

If you are not comfortable for some reason how to turn off Apple TV with a remote, you can make use of the Settings app to turn off your TV.

The steps here would include

  • Open the Settings app on your Apple TV
  • Choose the option Sleep Now

How to Turn Off Apple TV

Wait till it sleeps off. Once the Apple TV sleeps, it is as good as it has been turned off. It can stay in that state until it is powered up again.

How to Restart Apple TV?
In case you have any trouble with the Apple TV and its functioning, it may be necessary to restart your Apple TV. A few of the scenarios that would necessitate restarting your Apple TV would be glitches or a buggy performance. It can also prove to be handy if your TV has gone unresponsive for some reason.

There are several ways that you can restart Apple TV. Let us explore a few of them one by one.

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Restart Apple TV using the Settings app

You can simply make use of the built-in settings app on the tvOS.

You can follow the steps here below –

  • Locate the Settings app on your Home screen
  • Go to System
  • Choose Restart

How to Turn Off Apple TV

If you have an older Apple TV, you would need to follow the path Settings > General > Restart. You would find your TV screen going blank for a few seconds, and the Apple logo appears after a while. Your TV should restart in a couple of minutes and be ready to serve you again.

Restart Apple TV using the Remote

You can restart Apple TV using the specific set of buttons on your Apple TV remote. The steps involved would be based on the type of remote you have.

Here are the steps you may follow –

  • If you are on the first-generation Siri remote, press and hold the menu button and TV icon simultaneously until the status light begins blinking
  • In case you are on the second-generation Siri remote, press and hold the back button and the TV button simultaneously until the status LED on the Apple TV begins blinking.

That would do it, and your Apple TV will restart.

Restart Apple TV by unplugging

Unplugging your TV from the main screen is yet another easy-to-use option to restart Apple TV. In fact, for any device that does not have a power button, the best way to restart it would be to unplug it completely from the power source.

Unplugging the TV from the power outlet will make it reload and refresh without losing the settings.

You can even set a sleep timer to power off Apple TV

Yet another good option to turn off Apple TV would be to set a sleep timer. This will make the TV go to sleep mode at the specified period. The method works by turning off the TV automatically after a period of inactivity.

Here is how you can set the sleep timer on Apple TV –

  • Open Settings on your Home screen
  • Select General -> Sleep After
  • Select the duration that you want to set.

Apple TV offers you several appropriate duration to set the sleep timer. They would include: Never, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, and 10 hours.

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Can you watch Apple TV shows offline?

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The Concluding Thoughts

Apple TV and the Apple TV Plus services have definitely been something that has redefined the entertainment genre. However, if you are facing issues with restarting or turning off your Apple TV, the steps explained in the above discussion on how to turn off or restart your Apple TV should prove to be extremely helpful.

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