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What is ZEE5? How to Download a ZEE5 Movie?

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.07.29 Updated: 2022.07.29

ZEE5 is a website where users may stream new web series and films. It offers more than 100 original, blockbuster pieces of material that may easily occupy movie buffs. But in addition to that, a ZEE5 subscription costs Rs. 499/Year and includes access to a ZEE5 movie, Alt Balaji Web Series, Zindagi TV Series, Kids, Live TV, and TV shows that haven't yet aired.

You might be curious about ZEE5, and this article can satisfy all your needs about basic information about ZEE5. You can learn about ZEE5 USA, downloading the ZEE5 APP, ZEE5 subscription, and how to download a ZEE5 movie.

What is ZEE5?

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL), a major player in the worldwide media and entertainment industry, created ZEE5, a digital entertainment hub. The website provides visitors with access to premium, paid content. ZEE5 was released across 190+ countries in October 2018 in the largest simultaneous market launch ever, establishing its strong presence in areas like the US, UK, Middle East, Canada, and APAC. The site combines the best original material, movies, TV shows, music, cineplays, and lifestyle and health-related stuff into a one location. Over 170,000 hours of on-demand content are available on ZEE5. ZEE5 is the place to go because it offers essential features like Voice Search, seamless video playback, 15 navigational languages, and the possibility to download material. ZEE5 users can view all of the newest shows on the streaming platform with a subscription package.

What is ZEE5? How to Download a ZEE5 Movie?


Are you in the USA? Have you ever wondered about ZEE5 USA? Let's see more about this problem.

Is ZEE available in the USA?

ZEE TV did really debut on June 22, 2021, in the United States. As a result, we are now providing all US users with access to premium South Asian content. Through our website, the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store, Roku devices, Apple TVs, or Amazon Fire Stick, you can access the ZEE TV channel in the United States. Simply register with ZEE5 to receive your membership and start streaming content on the platform to watch ZEE TV in the USA. Get our ZEE5 subscription plan if you want access to the most recent content and our enormous library of works in a variety of genres.

Where can I watch ZEE5 shows in the USA?

You must register on the app or through the official ZEE5 website in order to view ZEE5 in the USA. You can purchase a ZEE5 subscription in the US after creating an account. On ZEE5, you can access as many streaming services as you want with either an annual package or a monthly membership plan.

Can you watch ZEE5 in USA?

By registering and taking advantage of the ZEE5 membership plan on our app or website, you can watch ZEE5 material in the USA. Get a ZEE5 premium subscription plan to view the newest and most exclusive movies, TV episodes, and web series. The annual bundle is currently available for just $49.99, while the monthly plan just $6.99. Students can purchase a monthly pack from us for only $4.99 thanks to a special discount.

ZEE5 Subscription?

There are answers to several questions about a ZEE5 subscription.

How do I purchase a ZEE5 subscription?

For many nations, ZEE5 offers a variety of Premium subscription packages.

On the Mobile App

  1. Log in to the ZEE5 mobile app by opening it.
  2. At the upper left of the homepage, click BUY PLAN.
  3. Determine which plan best meets your needs.
  4. Make the payment now. You will get an Order Summary page with your transaction details once payment has been completed.
  5. Enjoy the hottest ZEE5 Premium stuff right away.

On the Desktop/Laptop

  1. Go to and sign up.
  2. On the homepage, select the BUY PLAN option in the top right corner.
  3. Determine which plan best meets your needs.
  4. Make the payment now. You will get an Order Summary page with your transaction details once payment has been completed.
  5. Enjoy the hottest ZEE5 Premium stuff right away.

On a Smart TV

  1. On your Smart TV, launch ZEE5.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select My Plans.
  4. Determine which plan best meets your needs.
  5. Make the payment now.
  6. Enjoy the hottest ZEE5 Premium stuff right away.

Can I use my ZEE5 subscription in another country?

The ZEE5 subscription options are particular to the nation you are in at the time of subscription purchase. Outside of the country where it was purchased, your ZEE5 subscription wouldn't work. You must buy a ZEE5 subscription in the country where you wish to use your ZEE5 membership in order to do so.

How to Download a ZEE5 Movie

Now we come to the question about how to download a ZEE5 movie. There are generally two methods to download a ZEE5 movie. You can download a ZEE5 Movie from ZEE5 APP or through a third-party downloader like MyConverters.

If you use ZEE5 APP

Please follow these procedures to download a video:

  1. Register with your account (You need to be logged in to be able to download a video)
  2. Tap the "Download" option located directly below the video on the video page.
  3. Select the video quality that you want to download. By unchecking the box next to "Always ask quality for every download," you can also make this your default configuration. By doing this, the prompt to select a quality each time you download a movie will be disabled.

Limits of using ZEE5 APP

  • The downloaded content does not currently have subtitles available.
  • Download validity:
  • Downloads will be available if you are a registered user without a membership plan for 48 hours. The downloads will stop working after that. The video would then need to be downloaded again (once expired).
  • If you are a Premium customer, downloads will be available for 48 hours or until the end of your subscription, whichever comes first. The video must be downloaded again after it has expired.
  • The downloaded video will only be available to you as a Premium Customer if you go offline (without an internet or data connection) for a maximum of 48 hours. After that, you'll need to reconnect to the internet and click "Restore Download" on the downloaded video to reactivate it. This will only renew the downloaded video license; it won't download the video again.
  • There are certain videos that can't be downloaded. On such videos, the download option won't be accessible.

If you use MyConverters

If you use MyConverters, you can get rid of the download limits of using ZEE5 APP and get a better user experience. MyConverters is an all-in-one third-party downloader which supports 500+ VOD streaming services, including ZEE5, YouTube, Paramount Plus, Disney+, Amazon Prime and HBO Max.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Launch MyConverters and input "" in the built-in browser on the homepage.

What is ZEE5? How to Download a ZEE5 Movie?

Step 2: Then you'll access the official website of ZEE5, and you can search for your favorite videos that you want to download.

What is ZEE5? How to Download a ZEE5 Movie?

Step 3: When you start to play it, MyConverters will automatically begin to analyze the video and pop up a window for you to set up the output settings. If you miss the window, you can click "DRM M3U8" on the upper left bar to open it again.

What is ZEE5? How to Download a ZEE5 Movie?

Step 4: After you click "Download Now", you'll find the video being downloaded in "Your Library".

What is ZEE5? How to Download a ZEE5 Movie?

Final Words

This article tells you the basic information about ZEE5, including ZEE 5 USA and ZEE5 subscriptions. More importantly, it details how to download a ZEE5 movie on mobile devices and laptop. MyConverters is the PC software that you can't miss.

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