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How To Cancel HBO Max Subscription

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.12.19 Updated: 2022.12.19

HBO Max is one of the most popular and powerful streaming services in the United States and elsewhere. The access that it provides for several HBO content would make it a truly formidable choice by several counts. However, there are times when you may be looking to cancel HBO Max. Want to know how to cancel HBO max subscription? Let us check out the best options in this context.

How to cancel HBO Max subscription?

The methods that you would use about how to cancel HBO Max subscription would largely be dependent on a wide range of scenarios, and the prime among them would be the platform that you are on.

How To Cancel Hbo Max Subscription

How to cancel HBO Max subscription on desktop?

The simplest and easiest option about how to cancel HBO Max subscription on a desktop would be to use any of your favorite browsers for the purpose.

Here are the steps that you would find easy and simple –

  • Go to any of your favorite browsers
  • Go to the HBO Max website on the browser
  • Sign in to HBO Max if you are not already signed in
  • Click on your profile at the top right corner
  • Select the option Subscription
  • Click on Manage Subscription
  • Next, click on Cancel subscription

You may need to select the reasons for the cancellation of your subscription. Confirm your choice by clicking on Yes, Cancel subscription.

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How to cancel HBO Max subscription on Android and iOS?

If you are on Android or iOS devices, you can check out the steps here to cancel HBO Max subscriptions on Android and iOS –

How To Cancel Hbo Max Subscription

  • Open the HBO Max on your Android or iOS device
  • Tap on the profile icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on Settings once you are on your profile.
  • Select the option for Subscriptions
  • Tap on the option Manage Subscription
  • At the bottom, find and click on Cancel Subscription
  • You may need to provide the reasons on why you want to cancel subscription
  • Confirm your choice by clicking on Yes, cancel subscription.

That does it, and your HBO Max subscription is canceled.

Can You Cancel HBO Max Through a Provider?

There are a few cable service providers who provide the HBO Max streaming service as a package on their cable network service. You can cancel HBO Max through their service. The steps are quite simple and easy enough.

Some of the services that offer HBO Max as part of their package would include YouTube TV, Roku, Apple iTunes, AT&T, and DirecTV. You will need to sign in to the particular account and manage your subscriptions. You can also get in touch with your cable service provider and cancel the subscription by following the relevant channels and processes.

For instance, on YouTube TV, you can follow the steps here below –

  • On any browser, go to the YouTube TV website.
  • Log in to your YouTube TV account
  • Select your profile and go to the Settings option
  • Select the option for Memberships.
  • Click the checkmark against HBO Max
  • Confirm your choice to cancel

Follow the onscreen instructions to cancel your HBO Max subscription.

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How to cancel HBO Max Free Trial?

If you are on HBO Max free trial, can you cancel HBO Max free trial? The methods used in how to cancel HBO Max free trial would be similar to the methods used in the case of canceling your regular subscription.

It may be noticed that HBO Max free trial is no longer available and has been discontinued. It may be possible that HBO Max may bring the promotional offer back once again. In any case, if you have already availed free trial under any specific promotion scheme, you can cancel the subscription in the same manner as you would cancel the regular subscription.

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Can you watch HBO Max shows after canceling HBO Max subscription?

Your HBO Max subscription is active even after you cancel your subscription until the end of your billing cycle. However, after the billing cycle is over and your subscription has been formally canceled, you will not be able to watch the content on HBO Max. If you are looking to continue watching HBO Max content even after canceling your subscriptions, you should download the titles that you want to watch so that they can be watched offline even after you have no active HBO Max subscription.

HBO Max does let you download the titles on its platform, but the feature will no longer be available after the subscription is over. That is precisely why you are expected to make use of a third-party HBO Max downloader for the purpose.

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The Concluding Thoughts

HBO Max is definitely one of the most unique and highly unique streaming services that you might have ever paid attention to. The content library on the HBO franchise has always been impressive, and this goes without saying to prove that it has become a formidable service for everyone among us. However, despite this, if you are looking for solutions to how to cancel HBO Max subscription, there are different options that you can make use of to cancel your HBO Max subscription.

In case you want to preserve a few of the HBO Max titles before you know how to cancel HBO Max subscription, it would be advisable to download a few of the titles for offline viewing. MyConverters HBO Downloader is what would make it a truly formidable choice. You can check out the tool once and find out if it meets your individual preferences.