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What is Crunchyroll Store? Can you download Crunchyroll anime?

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.10.27 Updated: 2022.10.27

For quite a long time, Crunchyroll has been a great option for anime fans, and it has definitely been able to provide an excellent degree of entertainment to a larger audience. After the merger with Funimation, the streaming service has further become quite a unique option to a larger extent. But, wait. Have you ever heard or known about Crunchyroll Store? Let us check out and find out what is Crunchyroll store all about.

Crunchyroll – What is it?

Before we can move ahead to learn what Crunchyroll Store is and what you can get from it, it is practical enough to find more details about what Crunchyroll is basically. Launched in 2006, the Crunchyroll streaming service is an on-demand streaming service that has been aimed at providing outstanding service to the fans of Japanese animation content.

What is Crunchyroll Store?

The service is available globally and provides you access to a wide range of content across several regions. It is known to have one of the largest content libraries when it comes to the best anime content ever.

The streaming service has more than 120 million registered users and also 5 million paid subscribers. Most of the content on Crunchyroll is available for free, and that should be what should make it stand apart from the rest. Sign up for a free account with Crunchyroll, and you can enjoy a huge range of content spread across multiple genres.

Crunchyroll also provides you access to a huge range of content in terms of Japanese animes, but you can also get access to a great deal of content with the dubbed versions of the Japanese anime library. You can change the subtitles to your preferred language and enjoy great content that you can understand in your own language.

What is Crunchyroll Store?

Crunchyroll Store is a one-stop solution for a huge number of merchandise from Crunchyroll. It provides you access to a great set of options that combines both merchandises and anime titles alike. It also provides you with enough options to enjoy a host of options. Best steals and deals on multiple services and products from Crunchyroll. You would also find it a great option for anime clothing or anime figurines.

What is Crunchyroll Store?

In case you are someone who loves the best of anime life, Crunchyroll Store should be something that you would definitely eulogise as the best anime shop. Enjoy a huge number of options when it comes to the perfect anime life ever.

If you are an account holder on the Crunchyroll service, you can have access to the best weekly deals on different services. A few of the options that you would impressive can include apparel, plush with plushies, furnished with figures, deep in BD/DVD, and decked in decor. The library and content available in the library can include the organized library and categories. You can also have access to the details on the upcoming programs and other content. You will also be able to get access to Blu-rays for your needs.

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Best Crunchyroll Store Deals for the subscribers

If you are a Crunchyroll subscriber and looking to find the best deals that you can avail on Crunchyroll Store, here are the best deals that you can enjoy.

What is Crunchyroll Store?

Mega fan Subscription

Mega Fan subscription on Crunchyroll lets you enjoy the full content library and the full catalog of anime, manga, and dramas. You will also find that the content on Crunchyroll comes with no ads. You can enjoy the simulcasts and simulpubs which should further make it a truly pleasurable experience. You can enjoy your content in 720p and 1080p resolution. You receive a $15 discount off any one-time purchase of $100 in the Crunchyroll Store every three months.

Ultimate Fan subscription

This is the highest subscription on Crunchyroll and provides and provides you access to six concurrent streams. You will get access to a $15 discount off any one-time purchase of $100 in the Crunchyroll Store every three months.

How can you watch Crunchyroll titles offline?

In case you are looking to watch Crunchyroll titles offline, the Crunchyroll streaming service itself provides you access to good functionality in this context. You would find the built-in download feature one of the unique options for helping you enjoy the best performance. Crunchyroll did not have an offline download feature until 2020 and it was only introduced recently.

The offline download functionality comes with a few limitations and that is exactly why you may need to look for a third-party option for downloading the titles offline. The built-in downloader feature does not let you download every content on the streaming service. That apart, you will also not be able to share the downloaded titles with anyone. The downloaded titles do not stay on your device forever. They come with an expiry date of seven days.

In our view, the MyConverters Crunchyroll Downloader should prove to be quite impressive in helping you download your favorite content. You can keep your downloaded titles forever as long as you do delete them. The built-in browser is another great option that lets you do practically anything with your downloaded titles – watch, download or browse for your favorite titles. In essence, you stand to gain access to a host of advantages with respect to the best downloading experience ever on Crunchyroll.

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The Closing Thoughts

Crunchyroll is one of the excellent options that you would find quite unique in enjoying a full-fledged anime experience. The multiple anime content across multiple genres offered by the anime streaming service should indeed help you achieve a great degree of enjoyment. However, have you ever checked out what Crunchyroll Store is and what it provides you with? The list of the best options outlined here should prove to be quite impressive in enjoying an enhanced experience. The tips here should prove to be quite efficient in letting you enjoy a far better degree of anime entertainment at its best.

In case you are giving a thought to improve the download experience on Crunchyroll, one of the right choices that we would recommend is to opt for MyConverters Crunchyroll Downloader. Check out the tool once and go with the best download options for your anime titles.