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Aquaman 2 - The Latest News

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.08.30 Updated: 2022.08.30

Have you been a fan of Aquaman and Aquaman 2? You have a bad news coming your way. Aquaman 2 has been delayed yet again. The Aquaman 2 viz Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was supposed to be released next spring, but it has now been delayed by at least nine months. It is in need of more time in production, or so the production house has stated. Let us try finding all the information that we currently have with respect to Aquaman 2.

Aquaman 2 Release Date has been delayed

Aquaman 2 or Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was initially scheduled for a release on March 17, 2023. The date for the release has now been shifted by nine more months. The new release date now stands on December 25th, 2023.

Aquaman 2 - The Latest News

The production house has gone on record that the decision to move the release date to December has been due to the fact that the production house needs more time. It has been stated that they need more time in post-production. This is the second delay that has happened for the show. The initial release date was scheduled for December 22nd, 2022. It was postponed because of the halts in the production due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

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What will Aquaman 2 be about?

Aquaman 2 will be about the aquatic hero who forges an alliance with a strange ally. He does it to protect the Atlantis and, subsequently, the entire world. He has to save the world from a devastation that can be devastating due to the release of an ancient power.

Aquaman 2 - The Latest News

The sequel to the Aquaman show will have Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Patrick Wilson as King Orm, Amber Heard as Mera, Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus, Temuera Morrison as Tom Curry, Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as David Kane/Black Manta. That should make it a great option to enjoy a full-fledged Aquaman 2 cast. The show will be directed by James Wan, and the script will be created by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick.

The director of the movie stated that “…Well, the first movie took a lot of people by surprise, right? And that’s partially because they were not familiar with the comic book, which deals in this very lurid, strange world...People were taken aback that I didn’t throw all that stuff away and make a dark, heavy film. But I didn’t feel that would have been right for it. So, with the second film, I feel it will be easier for people to accept where we go because I’ve already laid the foundation.”

What was the Aquaman movie all about?

Aquaman was released in 2018. It was the movie that offered a huge success for the Warner Bros and went on to become a huge hit. It also provided a new lease of life for DC Extended Universe, which had several below-par releases until that year. The subpar releases such as Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Justice League had made it languish with failures.

Aquaman 2 - The Latest News

Buoyed by the success of Aquaman, Warner Bros were quick enough to come with announcing Aquaman 2. After the Warner Bros and Discovery merger, there has been a lot of annoyance and chaos that is quite common with any massive merger or acquisition. There are several movies and projects being axed, while a few new ones are being announced. There have been a massive number of them being shuffled. One such project that has been shuffled and moved to a later release date has been Aquaman 2.

However, the merger is not the only reason for the postponement of the Aquaman 2.

What are fans thinking about the delay in Aquaman 2 release date?

The news of the delay of the Aquaman 2 release date has been devastating or disturbing for the fans. But even then, the fans can definitely be looking ahead to the brighter side of it. The movie has Amber Heard, who is reprising the role of Mera is, going through a court battle with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

The public nature of her ongoing battle with her husband had brought some negative press for the movie sequel. The delayed release date can perhaps prove to be a blessing in disguise. The court case is likely to end by December. That can prove to be a good option for the movie sequel.

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The Concluding Thoughts

Aquaman 2 is a movie sequel that people have been looking ahead to for the last one year or so. Initially supposed to be released in December 2021, it was delayed due to the Covid pandemic. The movie was later supposed to be released on March 17, 2022. However, the same has now been postponed to December 2022. That can be bad news for the fans of Aquaman. However, you would find the movie receiving a huge impetus and welcome when it releases during Christmas days this year.

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