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[2020 Selective] Top 15 Tools to Remove Background from Image

author-avatar Amaya Hamilton | Editor
Published: 2020.12.23 Updated: 2020.12.23

One of the major tasks for any designer is to remove background from image. Working for your company or editing your personal images have various kinds of requirements, hence selecting a handy image background remover is the right way to go. Of course, in this article from Myconverters, you will also find some tools that can do more than just remove background from images. We look at prices, compatibility, pros and cons, tell you how to remove background from images with these tools, and more.

Recommended Product: AI Background Remover

Top 3 Tools to Remove Background from Image

Alternatives to Remove Background from Image

Rising Tools to Remove Background from Image


Recommended Product: AI Background Remover

A brand-new AI-powered Background Remover was launched by MyConverters recently. This AI Background Remover is made to automatically remove the background within seconds.  Just 3 steps needed during this process. Upload, select and download the result. The whole process is quite simple and fast. Powered by AI and trained with millions of images, this AI Background Remover is meant to remove background very accurately.


Top 3 Tools to Remove Background from Image

1. Adobe Photoshop

Price: $20.99/mo or you can get a free trial by signing up for an account

Compatibility: Windows and macOS.

Recommended Reason: Not only is Photoshop arguably the most popular tool to remove image background but it’s developer team is highly active in keeping Photoshop updated. As a result, you will also find a huge number of tutorials for everything you want to do with Photoshop, making it an attractive choice for beginners.

Features: Photoshop provides a curvature pen tool, healing brush tools, cross-platform features with other Adobe apps, etc.

Pros: It has a comparatively easier user interface and acts as an all-rounder app for all

your needs.

Cons: You need a decent system to run Photoshop and to remove background from

images take some getting used to.

How to use: When you need to remove image background, Photoshop provides multiple ways of doing it. For this example, we will look at their “Object Selection Tool”, which is probably the easiest way to remove background from images. All you need to do is open Photoshop and hover to “Object Selection Tool”:

remove background from image

Now, you just need to mark the area you want:

remove-background from image free

Thanks to Adobe’s new AI powered technology, the software will recognize the objects you want to keep and remove. As for this example, this is the result:


Needless to say, you can select smaller objects as well.


Price: Free software.

Compatibility: Windows, GNU/Linux, and macOS.

Recommended Reason: GIMP is a free image background remover software, yes, but it is also open source. That means you can change around the code and distribute your work without worry.

Features: GIMP features expert tools such as Intelligent Scissors which makes it easy to accurately cut out images from complicated objects or backgrounds.

Pros: Advanced tools that rival the best out there.

Cons: The UI could be better.

How to use: We can use GIMP’s Foreground Tool to remove background from image. Select an image and make an outline around the image you want to keep. The rest will be removed when you press Enter. Here’s how it will look like:


3. Ultimate Eraser

Price: Free.

Compatibility: Android.

Recommended Reason: It is designed as an image background remover and it does that fast and easy.

Features: It has auto erase, manual erase, and the lasso eraser. You can also zoom into images for precision.

Pros: Quick and easy, supports jpeg and png formats, and social media features.

Cons: It will contain ads.

How to use:


As shown above, just select an eraser tool and mark the area to remove. Pretty mstraight-forward.

Alternatives to Remove Background from Image

1. PhotoScisscors

Price: $29.99/ Free download that allows 5 credits usage (1 credit = 1 image)/ Purchase credits.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Recommended Reason: To simply remove background from image, PhotoScissors has a website that lets you do it online.

Features: It can deal with removing background from transparent objects through its transparent marker tool.

Pros: User friendly.

Cons: Not a 100% valuable purchase.

How to use: The quickest way is to use their website. Simply upload an image and get your changes.

free-remove-background-from-imageYou can download a low resolution image for free.

2. Clipping Magic

Price: Subscription based starting at $3.99.

Compatibility: Mobile and Desktop.

Recommended Reason: Tutorial based UI is unique and helpful.

Features: Scalpel tool for editing rough edges, hair editing, bulk clipping, etc.

Pros: Website based.

Cons: Prices may not be good enough.

How to use: Even here, you can upload an image first. Then, to remove background from image, use the green marker for the foreground and red for the background.


3. Canva

Price: $9.95/mo or free trial of 30 days.

Compatibility: Desktop, Android, iOS.

Recommended Reason: Attractive and competent UI with a wide array of options.

Features: Precise cropping options, addable comic text clouds, texts, etc.

Pros: Affordable price, multiple formats, etc.

Cons: Works much better on desktops than on mobile devices.

How to use: Select any image from your library or upload an image. When you drag the image, you will see a button called “Effects” at the left side upwards of the image. Click on “Background Remover” from the drop-down.


4. Microsoft Office

Price: $99.99/year or 1 month free trial.

Compatibility: Windows and Mac.

Recommended Reason: Multiple apps in one package.

Features: Allows lines to be drawn as markers to remove background from image.

Pros: Easy to use.

Cons: Not much to offer other than basic features.

How to use: Add an image to your Powerpoint slide, for example. Make sure to double-click select the image. Once you do that, you will see the option “Format”. Click on “Background Removal” and mark green for foreground and red for background.


5. Burner

Price: Free.

Compatibility: Desktop and Mobile.

Recommended Reason: The software will remove background from image using complex algorithms that recognize objects and backgrounds on its own. You can further edit it if you are not happy with the result.

Features: You can choose between transparent and solid-color backgrounds.

Pros: Background Burner’s image background remover is automatic.

Cons: Not as precise as other software.

How to use: Upload an image on their site and let it do the initial removal. To further remove background from image, click on the “touch up” button.


6. Inkscape

Price: Free.

Compatibility: GNU/Linux, Windows, macOS X.

Recommended Reason: It is a free and open source software designed for artists. Additionally, it supports a good variety of file formats which extends to multiple add-ons support for removing background from images.

Features: Offers tools that you can use specifically for reflections, edges, and lights.

Pros: It works similar to GIMP albeit a bit more efficient.

Cons: The steps to remove background from images can be a little confusing at the beginning.

How to use: You will need to open the Inkscape app and “Import” an image. You will find Import under the “File” drop-down menu. Once you have the image, click on it to select it, and click on “Path”. Go to “Trace Bitmap”, go under “Multiple Scans”, and click on “Remove Background”.




Rising Tools to Remove Background from Image

1. Fotor

Price: $3.33/mo.

Compatibility: Desktop and Mobile.

Recommended Reason: It’s more than an image background remover as it hosts various design templates suitable for social media.

Features: Collage making, social media features, image beauty enhancers, simple background remover functions, Fotor Cloud system, etc.

Pros: It has a huge collection of options for editing images.

Cons: The ads decrease the quality of the UI.

How to use: Visit Fotor’s website and select the “Open” button.


Use the “Magic Clipper” and follow the green and red marker logic to remove background from image. Green being foreground and red being background.

2. Auto Clipping

Price: 5 free downloads, subscription, and non-subscription plans.

Compatibility: Desktop and Mobile.

Recommended Reason: Auto Clipping is an automatic process of removing background from images. You just need to upload your file.

Features: It uses Machine Learning techniques to remove background from image.

Pros: Supports e-commerce standards of images like Amazon, unlimited storage on paid options, and is apt for commercial use.

Cons: Good quality images take time to process.

How to use: It works similar to Background Burner. When you upload an image on their site, it first processes the image and gives an image with removed background. However, if you are not satisfied with the result, you can still make adjustments to it.


3. Pixlr

Price: Free.

Compatibility: Desktop and Mobile.

Recommended Reason: Pixlr has a very simple UI which is also stylish and has two different modes, both sufficient as image background remover.

Features: Image enhancers, sharpening or blurring tools, area darkeners, etc.

Pros: Free of cost for basic functions, simple and fast, more than enough effects, etc.

Cons: It’s not for someone looking for more advanced tools.

How to use: Once you upload an image on the Pixlr website, you will have 4 options to choose from to remove background from image.


4. Remove.BG

Price: Free and Subscription plans.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Photoshop integration.

Recommended Reason: Remove BG automatically detects objects and removes background from images in a matter of seconds through its AI based patterns. Also, it has an edge over other automatic image background remover apps with the accuracy it delivers.

Features: Remove BG extension for Adobe Exchange, API integration, and multiple plug-ins all contributing to diversify its background removal functions.  

Pros: It is available on multiple platforms, offers competitive prices, and has great accuracy.

Cons: The app sometimes fails to detect foreground or background of an image and slight touch-ups will be needed on occasions. Also, you will need to pay for high resolution downloads.

How to use: Visit Remove BG’s official website and upload an image. The site will process the image and leave out the background.


Furthermore, you can use the “Edit” button at the top right of the image if you want to make changes. Take a look:


You can blur your image or even apply different colored backgrounds to it.

5. Background - Eraser

Price: Free.

Compatibility: Android and iOS.

Recommended Reason: Background Eraser houses a simple, intuitive, and work-based design meant specifically to remove background from image.

Features: Background Eraser can automatically look for removable backgrounds making the process faster. It filters its search based on similar colored pixels. Other than that, it has an Extract mode which enables users to manually select objects to remove.

Pros: It’s an image background remover with a direct approach. You can straight away start editing.

Cons: Even with the tools provided, Background Eraser is not completely precise.

How to use: Open up your app, wherein you will have an option to “load a photo”. For first-time users, you will need to give the app image related permissions. After that, you can use markers to edit and remove background from image. Here, blue indicates to keep and red indicates to remove.


It will download images in png but you can convert them or screenshot the app page as per your convenience.


Price: Free and subscription plans.  

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile.

Recommended Reason: This company is innovation driven and uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology for all your image processing needs. Moreover, it caters to specific niches such as photography, e-commerce, social media, etc. When it comes to image background remover technologies, expect plenty of them.

Features: Niche specific functionalities, AI based algorithms, remove background from images within seconds, etc.

Pros: Unlimited previews, drag and drop photos, quick and easy set-up.

Cons: This tool is simply to remove background from images. It’s not as advanced as some of the other apps here.

How to use: Just like some of the other website based converters, you need to upload or drag an image and let do its job. Their algorithm is pretty spot-on. Here:



This list should provide you with an apt overview of tools to remove background from images regardless of your expertise and occupation. All these apps cater to different needs. While a professional and paid software goes beyond an image background remover, the rest of the website based or free apps can do your job on the fly in minutes. You can use these tools as per your requirements.

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