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Remove White Background with AI Background Remover

author-avatar Amaya Hamilton | Editor
Published: 2021.02.25 Updated: 2021.02.25

There are many instances where we tend to reuse the same image on different platforms or for different needs, such as posting an image on a website or uploading it as an avatar. Depending on your use and the target website, you may need to edit your image accordingly. When it comes to e-commerce, for example, it is usually preferred to have just the product in focus and not its background.

Instead of manually trying to remove white background, you can instead remove white background from image using a white background remover. In this review, we are looking at one such background remover software called MyConverters. With this application, you can remove white background online with just a few steps, as it says on its website.

Another reason to have such an application is that it enables you to directly crop out the products or objects from the image in particular. After that, it is just a matter of minutes for you to place that cropped out object into a new image or background. MyConverters is more than just a white background remover and so you will surely find a quick guide on how to remove the white background from image and an explanation of how well it works. 

What You Need To Know About MyConverters

Quick Guide on How to Remove White Background From a Picture



What You Need To Know About MyConverters

As said before, MyConverters features more than just a background remover though the background remover is our focus here. They have a set of tools that are really popular among every kind of user such as photo colorizer, YouTube to MP4 converter, AI Background Remover, and so on.

Basically, it is a hub for all your web solutions. Users can use the background remover to remove white background from picture and edit them in a matter of seconds due to it being online. Not to mention that this feature allows you to remove white background free, hence you do not have to think about overusing this application. They use artificial intelligence techniques to remove background consequently making the entire process automatic.

The good thing is, this application does not require any kind of downloads nor any accounts, which is usually seen in many online applications. Other than that, the background remover also supports png images, which means you can remove white background from png. Speaking of online applications, the UI of MyConverters is pretty straightforward. It works most of the time but for an application which uses such technology and offers so many tools, you would expect a bit more sophistication in design. 

Quick Guide on How to Remove White Background From a Picture

1.You can access the website by clicking here. This will take you to the home page and from there click on the Remove Background button. 

2.You will now see a Start Now option which takes you to the upload page. Drag and drop or click on the box to upload an image. 

3.The website will upload and process the image and shortly after show you the output. 

4.Click on Download below to save it to your device.

These are the steps on how to remove white background. 


Now that we have seen how to remove white background from a picture, let’s see some results. There are a few images of different varieties and also a png image to see how it removes background for each. 


This image is a jpg image with a white background and the white background remover application has done a good job on it. There are parts of the die that are facing upwards and mix with the white background but it is good to see that those parts didn’t get erased as a part of the background. Other than that, the objects seem precisely cut.  


This edit too is pretty remarkable as the background and the object, in this case, the egg, are almost identical in colour. The application does a good job of detecting the foreground and background and in this case, it also preserves the shadow that the egg creates. This is pretty cool. However, in images such as these, it is still preferable to have a manual option as well so as to choose what to remove and what to keep. Sure, the background isn’t fully white but there could be images that have some other colour mixed in with white that could confuse the algorithm. Either way, the manual selection option would be valuable. 


As you can see, this is a png image of a black figure. The application missed no detail in removing the background. This image is clearly edited and looks pretty flawless. MyConverters can remove white background from png well enough. 


MyConverters is a really good online tool if you want to remove background quickly and accurately. The fact that it offers more tools other than the background remover is also an incentive to keep using it. Not to mention that it is free and fully automatic. The application can dissect backgrounds from images with good precision, only getting a little off the mark when dealing with unclear backgrounds but that could happen to any application.

All things considered, MyConverters is easily recommendable to any kind of user for its ease of access and performance alone. The rest is a valuable bonus offered on a free tool.