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Twitch Prime - What It Is and How to Subscribe with It

author-avatar Martha Williams | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.09.08 Updated: 2022.09.08

Twitch has been one of the widely shared streaming services for the gamers. If you are a streamer on Twitch, you would definitely find the experience provided by Twitch one of the best in its class. However, do you know what is Twitch prime and how to get the most out of it? Let us check out and understand what is Twitch Prime.

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime is not a service offered by Twitch, but an add-on service from Amazon Prime for the Twitch users. The scheme or the plan is designed to provide you access to the exclusive benefits across both Amazon Prime and Twitch.

Twitch Prime - What It Is and How to Subscribe with It

In essence, Twitch Prime is a premium membership option that comes bundled with Amazon Prime and Prime Video subscriptions. Twitch Prime members can get access to free games, in-game content, free subscriptions to the favourite Twitch channels and many other similar services.

Do note that Twitch prime was started in 2016, and now it has been renamed Prime Gaming. However, the service will continue offering the same services as Twitch Prime. You, as a prime member, can access all the benefits on twitch without visiting Twitch.

How to join Twitch Prime or Prime Gaming?

For participating in the Prime gaming, you can follow the simple and easy-to-follow steps here below.

Twitch Prime - What It Is and How to Subscribe with It

  • Launch your favorite browser and navigate to Prime Gaming website
  • Select the Sign in option to sign in to the Prime Gaming website
  • Log in with your Amazon account credentials.
  • You will return to the Prime Gaming home page.
  • You can make use of the service to claim games, bundles, and packs

Before you can move on to sign in to Prime Gaming, you need to be assured that you have an active subscription to Amazon Prime or Prime Video as a standalone service.

What is the difference between Amazon Prime and Prime Gaming?

As we are all aware, Amazon Prime is a subscription-based service from Amazon that covers a wide range of different services. The premium shopping service provides you access to a host of advanced options, such as a subscription to Amazon Prime Video, which is a streaming service that offers original programming and content sourced from other service providers.

Twitch Prime - What It Is and How to Subscribe with It

A few of the services that you stand to gain with Amazon Prime would include free two-day shipping on millions of products, exclusive shows from Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, Prime Gaming, and unlimited photo storage with Amazon photo. Please note that the availability of these services would largely be based on the region that you are from.

Prime Gaming (erstwhile Twitch Prime) is your one-stop solution for the best in-game rewards for popular gaming titles that include "Grand Theft Auto Online" and "Apex Legends,". You will also get access to a rotating list of free games every month. This feature is quite similar to the features available on the Twitch Prime service. The service provides you with bonuses from several service providers and publishers, such as Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive, and Riot Games.

The Prime Gaming service also provides an option to Prime subscribers the option to subscribe to an eligible Twitch channel for free once per month. This would mean you do not need to spend $5 usual charge.

Learn how to activate Twitch account.

Can you download Twitch videos to watch them online?

Imagine you have opted for the subscription of a Twitch channel using the Prime Gaming or Twitch Prime service and want to enjoy the content on the Twitch channel even after the subscription is over. Can you download the Twitch videos? Well, yes. Twitch does let you download the videos on its platform but we would recommend using a third-party downloader for a more full-fledged service quality and efficacy.

In our view, MyConverters Global Streaming service downloader is a great option that can be put to great use in enjoying very full-fledged and powerful performance excellence. It does support downloading almost every Twitch video with no hassles. Moreover, the built-in browser option on the downloader should definitely prove to be effective in browsing, watching, and downloading the Twitch video, with no need to leave the downloader. You would also find that the downloader provides you an option to download your videos in high quality that includes 1080p resolution. The MP4 and MMKV output format will ensure that you can play the video on every device or platform that you can think of.

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How to subscribe to a streamer on Twitch on mobile?

In case you are using the Twitch mobile app, in all probability, you are likely to get no option to subscribe to Twitch Prime or Prime Gaming. However, you can go with the following steps to help you with the payment –

  • Open the Twitch app on your iOS or Android app.
  • Navigate to the streamer that you want to subscribe to. You can either open the channel or open an ongoing stream
  • Tap on Subscribe at the bottom

Enter your payment information. Confirm your purchase, and your task will be done.

How to connect your Prime Gaming to Twitch to get Twitch Prime benefits?

Here are the steps that you can follow in learning how to link Amazon Prime to Twitch–

Twitch Prime - What It Is and How to Subscribe with It

  • Navigate Prime Gaming website go to your profile
  • Sign in if you have not already signed in
  • Tap on Connect a Twitch account and sign in to your Twitch account
  • You will now be able to connect to the Twitch account.

You will be able to connect to up to four Twitch accounts. You would be able to link those accounts to the same Amazon Plus account and thus connect with your Prime Gaming account.

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The Concluding Thoughts

Twitch has been a dream come true for gamers and gaming fans out there. The multiple channels of different gamers on Twitch have been quite effective in providing you with full-fledged performance excellence. Twitch Prime or Prime Gaming comes up as one of the unique options that you would find much impressive and exciting in getting access to a high-end performance enhancement.

In case you are looking to download the Twitch videos for offline viewing, you would find the MyConverters Global Streaming downloader to be one of the unique options in every sense of the word. Check out the tool for your individual preferences and find out how it meets your needs with an effective download capability.