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Colourise.com - Online Software Used To Colorize Photos With AI

Samanta Hermann | Editor
Published: 2022.07.01 Updated: 2022.07.01

In the wake of the ever-changing and staggering technology trends, MyConverters have been witnesses of history in its true making. So the next time someone complains about their phone or laptop battery being at about 5% only, tell them to simmer down a little. Anyway, let’s stop beating around the bush as today we are here to talk about this ground-breaking technology that we have recently come across, an online website that allows you to colorize black and white photos. 

It’s nothing short of magic and a moment of realization of how far along we have come from the days of the old school DVDs, massive mobile phones, gigantic personal computers, so on and so forth. This out of the ordinary website called Colourise.com aids you in creating a timeless piece of artwork. How? It transforms your mundane black and white image and makes you rejoice in the rich, vivid and lively photographs. 


The process of knowing how to colorize black and white images, once understood, can prove to be a boon. For example, it can also be an extremely thoughtful gift for someone who is up in years, it would mean the world to them. The possibilities are constantly being altered and redesigned when scientists and expert researchers go above and beyond to discover and break the barriers, unravelling a whole new, never-seen-before dimension. Out of which, the possibility to colorize black and white photos has only recently entered the realm of existence with the help of the website named - Colourise.com . Let’s take you through the process, for it is as easy as it gets.

How to colorize black and white photos:

You need zero technical skills to make use of this black and white AI colorizer. If you have the physical copy of the black and white image, then you just do a scan. If you already have a digital version then it’s all already well and good, you can skip the scan. After acquiring the digital version, you simply jump on to upload black and white photos, and voila! Upload the image, wait for the process to complete and then download. The procedure is pretty much self-explanatory, unlike other editing software like Illustrator and Photoshop.


This up and coming website uses Artificial Intelligence technology and deep learning techniques to formulate and exhibit real life-like, clear cut colour onto greyscale images of you or your loved ones memorable and cherished moments. There is also no boundary as to how many images you can colorize in a day, you can even go all out and get entire albums converted if you wish. Although, let’s not get a little too excited and get ahead of ourselves as this online software also has a few obstacles that we will talk about next.

The Limitations and Shortcomings Of Colourise.com

Although this far-reaching online software is powerful indeed, it does have a small number of setbacks that you may experience. There is no option to bulk upload black and white images to transform them into pieces of art. Another drawback worth noting is that the maximum size of the file which is to be uploaded cannot exceed the limit of 5MB. The everyday regular user will not bat an eye at this drawback, but the ones with heavy grade lenses and high-tech camera equipment can expect this to be quite disappointing.

Another thing holding you back is the dimensions of the images. They cannot be more than 1200 x 1200 px as that is the maximum allowed size. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the end of the world. 1200px is good enough already and what more can you even expect from a heritage black and white photo? Any files with larger dimensions will be sized down on their own. Due to the application of artificial intelligence here, the final product of the image will be realistic but not 100% accurate as it is not easy to define the original colours in the greyscale photograph. But the New Colourise website has only recently been up and running, so it is relatively fair to assume that future updates will end up introducing new features.


The best things in life usually come at a hefty price but in this case, taking advantage of the website is absolutely free of cost. The tool to this date remains an exceptional choice for colorizing images. As they say, the best businesses are the ones that solve a problem and the New Colourise online tool solves a major kind of a problem, People scattered around the globe have watched and applauded the services that this website is offering, for it is so seamless, smooth running and user-friendly, that it works like clockwork.

The cherry on the cake is a particular security feature of the website. After uploading an image within a matter of 30 minutes, the image is permanently erased so your pictures only always remain yours, and no one else’s. Moreover, the service offered by the website is completely free, can be used by whomsoever, how many ever times as there is no limit whatsoever.

If you have old pictures in digital format or even in the physical form, scan it, upload it, convert it, and then hit download. To colorize photos, Colourise.com is as good as it gets! Test it then believe it, there is no harm in trying.

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