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Colorize Black and White Photos with AI Photo Colorizer

SophiaBolton | Chief Editor
Published: 2022.07.07 Updated: 2022.07.07

With AI Colorizer, you can add colors to old photos that are vintage or black and white. You can always convert old family photos for a more modern look with colors or use this tool for designing in general.

Why do people choose AI Photo Colorizer?

AI photo colorizer is loaded with colorization features. Our online photo colorizer allows you to colorize old black and white photos in just one click. It is free to use. You can colorize old photos anywhere, anytime on any browser. Besides the main feature of colorized photos, AI Photo Colorizer has other useful features which make it different from other tools.

Add a modern look to your old photos

Though the coloring process doesn’t necessarily include traditional colors, it still manages to paint a realistic tone thanks to the millions of images it has colored beforehand. This helps the tool to predict and read the black and white images with better accuracy.

Colorize photos automatically with AI

This is an AI image colorizer that will allow you to colorize photo automatically thanks to AI technology. It does not require you to install additional software applications since the technology is already strong enough here.


How to Colorize Photos with AI Photo Colorizer

You can know how to colourise an image by following the simple steps given below.
Step 1: Click to upload an image to this photo colorizer
Step 2: Wait a couple of seconds and let AI colorize your photo automatically
Step 3: Click "Download" to save the result

How Does AI Colorizer Work?

There is a reason why there is an ‘AI’ in our tool’s name and it is because AI Photo Colorizer is designed with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques. These techniques are not random though, they are specifically used for image processing and similar tasks. Convolutional Neural Networks is the algorithm that ties in with Deep Learning and what is used for our product. These technologies work together to put together images and in this case, to colorize photo.