This add-on gives you limitless DVD/BD viewing experiences on your computer by making your legally owned DVD/Blu-ray discs region-free and accessible for some play software on your PC. It also helps you rip the movie content and save them on the hard drive of your computer in the form of a DVD/Blu-ray movie folders or an ISO image file, for backup or other personal use.

It’s another neat feature is the compatibility with other party software. When you need to copy, convert, done or burn the content of your discs with other/conversion software, you can use this add-on to make the movie content accessible at first, and clear the way for other software to do their work.

Supported software :
DVD 43
VidOn Import Utility

To download and install this add-on, please click on the “Download button“.

Please note:
1. Your Chrome or McAfee might pop up a security alert for downloading the application. Please don’t be seriously concerned, as the application is absolutely harmless to your computer, and we’re contacting them to remove the false alarm.

2. This add-on is designed for personal use only. Please do not distribute any copyright protected content (commercial DVD/Blu-ray contents and the backup) to any other for profit purpose.

About the Add-on

It’s a windows-based driver and works on-the-fly to make your legally owned DVD/Blu-ray discs accessible. It can back up the disc content on the hard drive of your PC and save in form of DVD/Blu-ray folder or ISO image file; it can also work together with other copy/conversion software by making the disc content accessible and ready for further editing. The use of this add-on should be limited to personal use only, such as backup for your disc collection, watching discs at home, etc.